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TBI: Transformation Beyond Injury 

Five Weeks - Go at Your Own Pace Course


Course Opens Feb 1st!

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payment plan

that is an option.)

What you will get with this course:

  • A deeper understanding of a holistic approach on how to best support optimal brain function

  • Instruction on meditation, intention setting, and emotional understanding that supports you in the ups and downs of the healing journey 

  • Learn how to listen and become aware of the communication signals of the body 

  • Discover how your thoughts have a direct impact the health of the brain and body 

  • Learn how to support the intelligence of your heart and soul to heal your brain and body 

  • Learn about the role your gut plays in your brain health 

  • Gain simple tools to integrate into your daily life to embrace a balanced life of mind, body and spirit 

  • Access a private online community to continually support and connect with one another

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